Zurich Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance Claims Statistics

Zurich Insurance Claims Statistics

Delivering when it matters the most

In 2012 Zurich International Life delivered when it mattered most and paid out a total of USD21.6 million in protection benefits to Zurich customers. Zurich pays all valid claims in a fast, hassle free and accurate way.

[quote]Did you know that in the Middle East, in 2012, the average age of a critical illness claimant is just 48 years old and a death claimant is just 50 years old?[/quote]

Middle East Insurance benefit claims

Below you can see the amount paid out for death and critical illness claims in the Middle East during 2012:

  • Zurich paid out USD9 million in death claims – that’s 40% of the overall claims.
  • It also paid out USD7 million in critical illness claims – that’s 90% of the overall claims.
  • The largest single death claim was USD2 million.

A closer look

Based on 2012 data, the pie charts illustrate both death and critical illness claims Zurich paid out in the Middle East.


Zurich International Life Worldwide Claims


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