Assess Your Current Situation

Why you should assess your current situation

The reason is simple - If you don’t know where you are today, you will not know how far you have progressed towards your goal.

Self-help author Robert Kiyosaki in his book - ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, says, ‘The first thing you should create for yourself is - your own Personal Balance Sheet’.

Your Personal Balance Sheet tells you two main numbers:

  1. Your Cash Flow
  2. Your Net Worth

Your personal balance is a ‘reality check’, and shows you where you are today.

In the next chapter, we will look at exactly how to calculate your ‘Cash Flow’, and your ‘Net Worth’.

About the Author Amit

Amit is an Independent Financial Advisor, based in Dubai since 1997. He is part of the prestigious ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ (MDRT), which is an elite club of the best financial advisors worldwide. He has authored the ‘6-Step Financial Success Guide’, and the book ‘Creating, Preserving, Distributing Wealth’. He helps business owners and professionals ‘Create A Second Income’ through investments.

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