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my father's ultimate gift to me 

My father was a self-made man. He grew up in a very poor family. His condition was so dire that he lived on hand-me downs from his friends and class mates, as he couldn’t pay for his books and school fees himself.

He would borrow books from his classmates after they were done studying, and then study through the night to catchup on that week’s topic in school. He knew he had to score the highest marks in school to qualify for the scholarships. These scholarships then paid the fees which his dad couldn’t afford.

This was his story growing up in school, and even through college. He became a metallurgical engineer and completed his PHD in statistical analysis on his own. He paid for his own education through scholarships throughout his career.

He did not study in the best university growing up, and there were no campus placements or interviews in his time. He had to find a job and start from the bottom of the ladder and work his way up. In the end, the highest position he ever held was ‘General Manager’ in one of the TATA group of companies. 

He found it hard to succeed because he hadn't studied in one of the best universities.

When he died in 2007, I cried the most in my life, as I had lost my role model.

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