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The articles below are some of my contributions to various newspapers and online magazines.
Golden Bricks Awards in UAE
April 16, 2016 |
Investing is easy. Making money, not so much
The National - Question on investing by a reader of the newspaper.
Exercise a little will power in the UAE
The National - Nobody lives forever, we all know that. Maybe that’s why so many of us leave a personal and[...]
Seven ways to prevent muddled finances - Seven ways to prevent muddled finances - When cash flow is tight, the urge for entrepreneurs to throw a lifeline to[...]
How loans work in favour of banks
Gulf News - General - How loans work in favour of banks - Those who take loans should never borrow more than[...]
A Smart Home Owner
GulfNews Property - A Smart Home Owner - Buying a home is not just something that you do. It’s a skill that[...]
Feeling the pinch of rising fees
Gulfnews Focus - Parents sending their children into the new academic year could end up with lighter pockets as well as[...]
Spending tracker: Map your financial footprint
Gulfnews Focus - Forward planning helps you ensure a stable future. Our panel of experts points out how.
5 tips on balance transfers in the UAE
Gulfnews Focus - A number of UAE banks now allow you to transfer your existing card balance but make sure you[...]
Are you falling into a debt trap?
Gulfnews Money - This article is about how to avoid high interest debt and get rid of it quickly.
Calculating The Opportunity Cost Of A Property Investment In Dubai
Gulfnews Property - This article shows you how investing only in property can cost you a lot, and how you could[...]

What People Are Saying


I have been Amit's client since 2012. He has helped my save for my daughter's college education and also protect my income. He meets me regularly to review the status of my plans as well as my financial situation.

I would have struggled to achieve that goal was it not for his planning and professional approach. If you are a caring parent who wants to secure your child's future, you should contact Amit asap.

Milind Dande Project Manager

I've got in touch with Amit several years back and have taken a number of insurances / policies through him.

Amit has in-depth knowledge of the market and knew exactly what I wanted and was looking for. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who's looking for valuable financial advice, whether it is about a savings plan, income protection or retirement planning.

Anke Docherty Head of HR & Administration

What a refreshing difference to past experiences with other financial consultants, he did not try to squeeze me into a “one size fits all package” but provided a “Tailor Made Solution” based on my specific requirements together with some optional, good advice.

The choice of Amit as my Personal Wealth Adviser was a good one and I can recommend him with confidence to anyone who is concerned about preserving and growing their wealth.

Glen Gifford Business Development & Investments Director