Lombard 82 (EMTN) 6% p.a. Securitisation Fund Review

Lombard 82 Series 9 Review


Lombard 82 Securitisation Fund - Series 9

A modern investment approach designed to provide consistent returns

Key Facts

  • Suitability - Professional Investors Only 
  • Interest - 6% per annum (1.5% per quarter)
  • Subscription period - The subscription period is ongoing. Each EMTN can be purchased at any time from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2033.
  • Investment currencies - GBP / EUR / USD
  • Par Value - GBP 1 / EUR 1 / USD 1
  • Minimum subscription - USD 50,000
  • Platform - Cornhill FlexMax Investment Account (MIFIID 2 Compliant)
  • Subscription frequency - Monthly
  • Redemption Period - Quarterly
  • Subscription fees - Upon agreement
  • Redemption Fees
    • 5% within the first year
    • 4% within the second year
    • 3% within the third year
    • 2% within the fourth year
    • 1% within the fifth year
    • 0% within the sixth year
  • Management Company - Xantis S.A.
  • Administrator - Trident Trust Company (Luxembourg) S.A.
  • Auditor - International Audit Services S.à.r.l., Luxembourg 


  • Lombard 82 Securitisation Fund, formerly known as Zero Load Securitisation Fund or ‘ZLSF’, or ‘Zero Load’ is a Fund established under the Securitisation Fund Law of 2004 (Luxembourg).
  • Its purpose is to acquire the future income of Luxembourg based financial investment products at a discounted present value of up to 9% per annum - resulting in a discounted sale price of around 50% of the face value.
  • Over time actual income from the purchased Luxembourg investment products flow into Lombard 82.
  • In order to finance its activities Lombard 82 issues bonds in the form of Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTNs)


An investment into Lombard 82 Series 9 (EMTNs) offers:

  • Quarterly interest (which can be reinvested to earn more interest or paid directly into the investor’s account).
  • Exposure to the potential of growth in the Luxembourg investment fund industry.
  • Investment access in GBP / EUR / USD.
  • Consistently high returns of at least 1.5% per quarter.
  • Return of 100% of original capital plus any unpaid interest up to the date of redemption.


  • Payment frequency - Quarterly
  • Investment period - Minimum investment period – 5 years; redemption possible at any time before the expiring of five years but subject to the payment of a redemption fee (see Key Facts)
  • Investment return - Minimum return = 1.5% per quarter (maximum 6% per annum)

About Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTNs):

For further understanding of how Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTNs) work, please read - Euro Medium Term Notes, (EMTNs) A Smarter Way To Invest For 3-5 Years.

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