Investors Trust Assurance S&P500 Wins Best Savings Plan Award 2019

Investors Trust Assurance S&P500 Wins Best Savings Plan Award 2019


Investors Trust Assurance S&P500 Wins Best Savings Plan Award 2019

Who triumphed in the Global Financial Services Awards and Best Practice Adviser Awards UK?

International Adviser hosted its annual Fund Links Forum event in London’s JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel on 17 October and recognised excellence across the industry with two sets of awards.

Investors Trust Assurance won the award for the best savings plan with their product the 'S&P500 Index'.

Investors Trust Wins Best Savings Plan Award For 2019

I am very happy about this achievement by Investors Trust because of the following reasons:

  1. I use the S&P500 index savings plan myself to save for my daughter's college education.
  2. A lot of my clients have put their trust in this savings plan, and
  3. Because Investors Trust puts their client's interests first, by being very responsive to their feedback and suggestions, and innovating continuously over time.

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