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I came to the UAE in 1997, and started out as a client of the financial industry. As a client of the industry, I saw the benefits of proper personal financial planning, and the impact it made on my financial success.

I also realised the principles that were being applied were hundreds of year old. They are simple to follow, and should have been taught in school and university, but are not even today.

This guide is a compilation of my journey as a client, and my experiences as a financial advisor, when I joined the industry in 2011.

I hope you like it. Feel free to leave your comments, questions or suggestions on any of the articles here.

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Step 1 – Understand The Basics

Understand The Basics Of Personal Financial Planning, & The Principles Of ‘How To Make Your Money Work For You’.

Congrats on taking the decision to 'Make Your Money Work For You'. Awareness is the first step towards solving any problem[...]
Rich or Wealthy? What would like to be?
Here’s an interesting concept for you to think about. Would you like to be Rich or Wealthy? What is the[...]
3 Real Life Stories
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Overview Of The Process
The process of achieving financial success is ‘Simple’, but ‘Not Easy.I have been helping expats achieve their financial goals for[...]
Value Of Independent Financial Advice
Here is an interesting story I came across the Interwebs some time back. It's so simple, yet so true. This[...]

Step 2 – Assess Your Current Financial Situation

Learn How To Assess Your Current Financial Situation, So You Will Know What Progress You Are Making.

Why you should assess your current situation
The reason is simple - If you don’t know where you are today, you will not know how far you[...]
How To Create Your Personal Balance Sheet
Following on from the previous chapter, your personal balance sheet consists mainly of two parts: Your Cash Flow, and Your Net Worth[...]

Step 3 – Get Rid Of Bad Debt

Understand The Difference Between Good & Bad Debt, Learn How To Get Rid Of Bad Debt Quickly.

What is Good Debt, and Bad Debt?
Is there really such a thing as good debt? Of course — if taken in moderation. Defining good debt "Good[...]
How To Get Rid Of Bad Debt Through Debt Consolidation
What is 'Debt Consolidation' Debt consolidation means taking out a new loan to pay off a number of liabilities and[...]
How To Get Rid Of Bad Debt Using Debt Stacking
Debt Stacking By taking into account the interest rate and amount of debt, debt stacking identifies a way for you[...]

Understand What Can Stop You From Earning Money, & Learn How & Why You Should Protect Your Income Today.

Importance Of Protecting Your Income
Imagine you were given an ATM - guaranteed to pay you exactly AED 30,000 per month. Would you take care[...]
Why You Should Protect Your Income Today, Not Later
What can stop your income for the next 6 months? The most common reason for disruption of income is Job Loss,[...]
Two Ways To Protect Your Income
1. Term Life Insurance - Rent Your Protection This is the cheapest form of insurance. It is very similar to[...]

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