Financial Success Guide

Overview Of The Process

Section 4 Module 1

The process of achieving financial success is ‘Simple’, but ‘Not Easy.

I have been helping expats achieve their financial goals for a long time now, and time and again I see people repeating the same mistakes I did before I knew how money worked.

Much like your health, where subscribing to a gym membership is easy, and consistently going to the gym is difficult, ‘starting a savings plan, or investment plan is simple to do’, but not easy to continue,

unless you have a very powerful ‘reason why’…

You have to follow these simple steps;

  1. Get A Financial Coach - Preferably an independent financial advisor who will keep reminding you of the reasons why you started on your financial plan.
  2. Create Your Financial Plan - Get your financial advisor to help you set very powerful ‘reasons why’ you want to achieve financial success.
  3. Start Working On Your Higher Priority Goals First - Not all goals need to be worked on simultaneously. You can and should prioritise on which goals are more important in the immediate term.
  4. Regular Reviews - Meet your financial advisor regularly, to review the goals, and the progress you have made towards them.
  5. Tweak Your Plan As You Go - Nothing is set in stone, life doesn’t always move ahead in a straight line. There will always be ups, and downs. Be ready to tweak your plan, as needed.
Help Your Friends, Colleagues, & Relatives Start Their Financial Plan - If your financial advisor has done a good job, introduce him/her to the people you care about.