Financial Success Guide


Section 1 Module 1

Congrats on taking the decision to 'Make Your Money Work For You'.

Awareness is the first step towards solving any problem or overcoming any challenge. The process of making your money work for you, and achieving your personal financial goals is no different.

I am not re-inventing the wheel in this guide. The basic principles of personal financial planning have been the same for hundreds of years. 

I have made this guide freely available because these principles are unfortunately not taught in school or college.

Today's education systems have a major flaw. They teach us 'How to Make Money', but neglect to teach us 'Basics of Financial Planning', and 'How to Make Our Money Work For Us'.

Achieving your financial goals is 'Simple', but 'Not Easy'. Simple, because it's easy to start. 'Not Easy', because it's difficult to stick to consistently. There are so many temptations to spend money where it is not required.

Those who stick to the plan often achieve them faster and better than those who start early, but do not continue. 

Sort of like the race between the 'Hare, and the Tortoise'. If you remember that childhood tale, the hare ran fast, but fell asleep on the race course, while the tortoise continued slowly, and eventually won the race because of its consistency.