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Jul 30

The Guaranteed Savings Plan I Took For My Daughter

On the 28th of April 2016, I started a savings plan to save money for my daughter’s higher education fees. As an independent financial advisor myself, I was faced with the decision of choosing between all the different providers of savings plans that are available in the market. I used the following factors to evaluate […]

Jun 14

How many Ferraris are you paying for?

The Ferrari 458 Italia costs $229,825, and the Ferrari California costs $192,000. On an average a Ferrari costs around $200,000. So what does this have to do with anything, and why am I discussing this on a Financial planning website? Simple…. $200,000 is what it costs today to raise a child and put him/her through a […]

Mar 09

Education Plan – Dos and Don’t s

When doing finan­cial plan­ning, one of the most impor­tant top­ics of dis­cus­sion is how to create the right education plan for your child.. The cost of edu­ca­tion is on the rise, advanc­ing far in excess of the infla­tion rate. There­fore, it is essen­tial to plan for the future by starting an education plan for your children as soon as possible. As […]