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Jan 10

George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008

Week 1, 2016 This week’s ‘Investing Safely’ Newsletter starts with an important subject about the upcoming economic crisis. The world’s financial markets cycle up and down almost every 8 years, so I suggest you read this email till the end and do not make hasty decisions.   The well-known billionaire George Soros is predicting a crisis in the international financial markets that […]

Nov 23

Further stimulus sparks the markets…

This week we start with a look at the prospects for equity markets in 2015. Dominic Rossi, Fidelity’s Global CIO for Equities, believes the US-led bull market is still intact and we will see new highs next year despite further bouts of volatility. Commodity prices and the Dollar The oil price has fallen by around […]

Aug 23

10 reasons why the Indian rupee is falling everyday

Intro The laws of macro economics are not difficult to understand. Basic fundamentals always affect the  rise or fall of economies of most countries. India is no different. As a democratic country that is part of the World Trade Organisation, the Indian economy is quite similar to other world economies as far as fundamentals are […]

Aug 20

Why Indian Economy is slowing down?

India has massive potential, and in the early part of the century was identified as one of the strongest among BRICs. So what explains the persistently mediocre performance? At the moment there are certain cyclical issues, but big picture, the country suffers from corruption, horrible infrastructure, and protectionism On the cyclical front we have problems like declining consumer confidence, declining […]

Aug 20

What is the future of Indian Rupee?

Having breached an all-time low, what’s next for the Indian rupee? The rupee’s sharp losses in recent weeks have underlined how vulnerable the currency is – and raised questions about its future. While India’s central bank has said it will take steps to curb further losses, analysts now increasingly believe that the Reserve Bank of […]

Aug 04

UAE – has the economy bounced back?

The defining image of the UAE economy in recent years would be the Dubai debt crisis (apocryphal stories of an airport car parked packed with vehicles abandoned by expats fleeing a 10-year boom that had suddenly turned to dust) . Seemingly in the bat of an eyelid, the equity market dropped 70% and real estate […]

Jun 22

Interest rate in the UAE declining from 2012 levels

Interest rate in the UAE Over the past few years, the UAE’s banking sector has become awash with liquidity because of record low interest rates at the US Federal Reserve and a tide of deposits from countries affected by unrest such as Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. That has sent the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (Eibor) falling […]