Gary Brodie didnt think he would need it

Gary Brodie’s StoryGary Brodie only protected his income because his adviser asked him to, and he thought he would never claim on it. One day, a routine trip to the doctor turned out to be a tryst with cancer. Watch the video below – he got paid his cover amount within 7 days. Ask A QuestionHave a

July 30, 2017

Muskan’s Critical Illness Story

Muskan’s Critical Illness StoryMost people don’t know what critical illness is all about. Sometimes they protect their income only because their friend and/or trusted financial adviser recommended them to. Muskan was one such person who decided to ‘Protect her income’ against ‘Critical illness’, and ‘Permanent Disability’, based on her financial adviser’s advice. This is her story… watch

July 30, 2017

How Cancer Devastated My Family's Finances

This is the 20th year running in Dubai for me and when I look back at all the significant events in my life, my father’s bout with cancer is the thing I remember the most. In this post, I would like to share with you my father’s story and hope you learn from the things

June 24, 2017

The Guaranteed Savings Plan I Took For My Daughter

On the 28th of April 2016, I started a savings plan to save money for my daughter’s higher education fees. As an independent financial advisor myself, I was faced with the decision of choosing between all the different providers of savings plans that are available in the market. I used the following factors to evaluate and choose

July 30, 2016

True Story Of Chris Schouten's Battle With Stroke

I was browsing Youtube today for videos on ‘Income protection’ policy payouts, and I found this shocking but very powerful video about how Chris Schouten’s income protection policy helped him and his family stay afloat financially when he got paralysed. Please share this video with everyone you care about. Ask A QuestionHave a question? Feel free

October 28, 2013