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Are you falling into a debt trap?
Gulfnews Money - This article is about how to avoid high interest debt and get rid of it quickly.
UAE – has the economy bounced back?
The defining image of the UAE economy in recent years would be the Dubai debt crisis (apocryphal stories of an[...]
Budgeting and Prioritising
Budgeting and Prioritizing This is the fourth post in the Financial Planning Basics series, if you have not read the[...]
Investors Trust Evolution Review
Investors Trust Evolution is The Lowest Cost Savings Plan in the market.Although there are many providers of savings plans in the UAE,[...]
How To Be Wealthy Slowly But Surely
In the previous article - "Rich or Wealthy, Which is Better", we saw that Wealth is measured in time, i.e.[...]
Pension Retirement Plans Dubai
One of the realities of life is that, at some point, everyone has to stop working and retire. For some,[...]
8 Things To Ask Before You Buy Insurance
David wants to buy life insurance, so he contacts an agent to discuss available policy options. The agent arrives, buts[...]
The 3 Musketeers Of Investment
When you invest in anything, you generally tend to worry about only the 3 musketeers of investment, 'Safety', 'Access' and[...]
Why to Dollar-Cost Average a Lump Sum
If you receive a windfall and want to invest the funds in the markets, should you dollar-cost average or invest[...]
How To Invest Money Safely In the UAE
By now, if you have been in Dubai for more than 6 months, you would have been called by 8[...]
6 Important Things To Remember Before You Take An Insurance Plan
Insurance is the most important element in risk cover to secure you and your family from unforeseen events. But, a[...]
A Vicious Cycle
Debt facilitates production and trade. As the debt supply increases, money just becomes increasingly worthless unless the volume of production[...]
How to choose the best critical illness cover in UAE
Choosing the best critical illness cover in the UAE Life insurance is the answer to the one of scariest question[...]
Clients To Receive 6.23% Cash Returns in 9 Months
6.23% in 9 monthsWe are pleased to announce that a third Fixed Income Note from Exane BNP Paribas has matured[...]
Group Life Insurance Dubai
Group Life Insurance What is Group Life Insurance? Group life insuranceis a type of policy through which a company or[...]
What is Financial Planning?
What is Financial Planning ? This is the second post in the Financial Planning Basics series, if you have not read the[...]
Best Savings Plans in UAE
Best Savings Plans in UAE(Updated February 2019)I am writing this article because as an independent financial advisor, I get asked[...]
Gary Brodie didn’t think he’d need it
Gary Brodie’s StoryGary Brodie only protected his income because his adviser asked him to, and he thought he would never[...]