the Best One-time Investment Plan in the U.A.E.

Platinum Investment Plan

the most efficient regular savings plan to help you reach your investment goals

Key Benefits

The flexibility and choice of investments in the Platinum investment plan, makes it ideal for people who want to invest one-time, and access money when they need it.

One-time Investment Plan

The Evolution savings plan offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, & yearly modes of saving.

best investment options

Choose from a range of 25 low-cost ETFs & over 140 Mutual Funds from the best global fund houses.

Low Minimums

Start investing for as low as USD 10,000. Minimum top-ups of USD 2,500 only.

Flexibility on-demand

Good access to your money with low surrender charges, and ease of adding money whenever you want.

monitor portfolio online

Monitor & access your investment portfolio from anywhere in the world

Short-term Investment

5-year charging structure means you have access to all of your money at the end of 5 years.

Invest in the best ETFs & Mutual Fund Managers

The Platinum Investment plan allows you to invest with Some of the best fund managers in the world




AllianceBernstein Asset Management

Mutual Funds


Blackrock Investment Management

Mutual Funds


CanAccord Genuity Wealth Management

Mutual Funds


Franklin Templeton Investments

Mutual Funds


Gam Investments

Mutual Funds


Janus Henderson Asset Management

Mutual Funds


iShares by Blackrock

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Invesco Investment Management Company

Mutual Funds


MAN Investments

Mutual Funds


MFS Investment Management

Mutual Funds


Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Mutual Funds


Ninety One Global Limited

Mutual Funds


Pictet Asset Management

Mutual Funds


PIMCO Investment Management

Mutual Funds


Schroders Asset Management Company

Mutual Funds

What people are saying

Milind Dande Project Manager

Meets Me Regularly To Review My Plans

I have been Amit's client since 2012. He has helped my save for my daughter's college education and also protect my income. He meets me regularly to review the status of my plans as well as my financial situation.

I would have struggled to achieve that goal was it not for his planning and professional approach. If you are a caring parent who wants to secure your child's future, you should contact Amit asap.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Amit is detail- oriented, trustworthy and reliable for sensitive area of finances. genuinely helps his clients for decision making with right advice.

Anubhuti Lal Tendering Project Manager

It works by itself

I have started saving for my future using the S&P500 index-based savings plan. Since the plan is index-based, its a hassle-free investment and I get the average performance of the Top 500 stocks in the US stock market automatically, and I don’t need to know much about investments myself. It works by itself.

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