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I Would Recommend Him Without Hesitation

I've got in touch with Amit several years back and have taken a number of insurances / policies through him.

Amit has in-depth knowledge of the market and knew exactly what I wanted and was looking for. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who's looking for valuable financial advice, whether it is about a savings plan, income protection or retirement planning.

Anke Docherty - Head of HR & Administration

Valuable Financial Advice

Amit has provided very valuable financial advice, He is good at understanding your unique needs and providing sound recommendations leveraging his deep experience and knowledge.

Yash Arya - Principal

Trustworthy & Reliable

Amit is detail- oriented, trustworthy and reliable for sensitive area of finances. genuinely helps his clients for decision making with right advice.

Trupti Rele - Business Development Manager

His Approach is Consultative

I approached Amit for education planning for my son. Amit is very knowledgeable on the subject of wealth planning and cared about my needs.

In our discussions, I found that Amit does not offer off-the-shelf products to his clients. Instead, his approach is consultative and his solutions are tailor made for their needs. He has an impeccable record of excellence in business.

Asawari Bapat - Director

Provided Me A Tailor-made Solution

What a refreshing difference to past experiences with other financial consultants, he did not try to squeeze me into a “one size fits all package” but provided a “Tailor Made Solution” based on my specific requirements together with some optional, good advice.

The choice of Amit as my Personal Wealth Adviser was a good one and I can recommend him with confidence to anyone who is concerned about preserving and growing their wealth.

Glen Gifford - Business Development & Investments Director

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