Zurich Life – Life Insurance and Savings

Zurich Life

Zurich Life – Middle East is the Dubai branch of the company Zurich International Life.

Zurich Life
Zurich Life

The Dubai branch is based in DIFC with an office in Emaar square as well, next to Dubai mall.

Zurich Life – Middle East – Areas of operation

Zurich Life – Middle East office serves customers in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and Qatar with products such as –

  • Regular premium savings and investments products
  • Single premium savings and investments products
  • Protection products

Zurich Life – Regular Premium Savings and Investments

The main product for regular premium savings and investments offered by Zurich Life is call ‘Vista’. This product is one of the most popular savings and investment products in the market

Zurich Life – Vista has been designed to be a tax-efficient, simple, flexible, savings plan that can change as your circumstances change. Premiums can be single payments and regular payments which can be increased, decreased or even stopped for a while if necessary.

Zurich Life Vista is designed for –

  1. Future Savings in general
  2. Children’s education planning
  3. Retirement planning
  4. Wedding expenses planning

Single premium savings and investments

Zurich Life has two products designed for single premium savings and investments.

  1. International Wealth Account
  2. Global Choice

Zurich Life – IWA is a medium to long-term, single contribution, unit linked plan. It is issued as either a life insurance plan or as a capital redemption plan.

Zurich Life – Global Choice is a unit-linked investment plan that enables you to choose from a wide range of funds with the aim of increasing the value of the money you invest while providing a high level of flexibility. It is available as a life insurance plan with no fixed term.

Zurich Life – Protection products

Zurich offers two main products for the life insurance needs of expats in the UAE.

  1. Zurich Futura
  2. Zurich International Term Assurance

Zurich Futura – Futura is an innovative lifetime protection policy. Its flexibility means it can accommodate changes to benefits as the circumstances of your life change. You can have peace of mind that at any stage in life, Futura can protect you and your family the way you want it to. What’s more, its flexibility is every bit as important for tax planning and business insurance as it is in protecting your family.

Zurich International Term Assurance (ITA)– International Term Assurance is a level term life insurance policy. Term assurance is regarded as the easiest and most cost-effective way of providing future financial security for your dependents, should you die.

Where to get Zurich Life Products

As part of the largest insurance brokerage in the middle east we can offer impartial advice and design tailor-made solutions for you. If you are interested in inquiring about Zurich Life products, please fill our the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours.